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USDV - Specialization in the R&D of machine vision technology applied for automatic optical inspection (AOI) such as the precision measurement for the shaft , punch and screw.

For speedy in-process inspection, the shop floor can be set up with TIMI series measuring machines. The measurement data will be promptly sent to ERP/MES systems.
For speedy in-process inspection, the shop floor can be set up with TIMI series measuring machines. The measurement data will be promptly sent to ERP/MES systems.


Tele-centric Image Measuring Machine for the Shaft and fastener

The TIMI image measuring/inspection machine is an excellent solution for first inspection, in process inspection, incoming inspection and final inspection of shafts and screws. It features a full range of measurement functions, easy to use, fast and accurate, and has a large data collection and quality analysis capacity.

The TIMI measuring system offers a wide variety of measurement capabilities and is quick, accurate, and simple to use. It is the best option for first-article inspection, in process inspection, incoming inspection and final inspection.
In the fields of aerospace, automotive, motorcycle, bicycle, electrical and electronic, information and communication, medical equipment, power tools, turning/grinding, fasteners forming and metal machining, we are experts in the precision measurement of shafts and fasteners. Our measurement system can successfully address issues including inadequate automatic measurement, challenging measurement of crucial dimensions and total quality inspection, as well as manual writing of measurement data. It can also be used in conjunction with a robot arm to do smart measurements right there on the shop floor.
For shafts and screws, USDV provides comprehensive tele-centric image measuring solutions.
Quality assurance and inspection staff may simply complete numerous measurement jobs with a single machine thanks to the TIMI measuring equipment. The TIMI rotational measurement system makes it simpler and more precise to measure attributes including roundness, concentricity/coaxiality, and runout, as well as tool-grade threads.
Our tele-centric image measurement systems come in a variety of high-precision models, cabinet models, desktop models, Desktop models, and some customized special machines are also available.

Product Features

1. Larger field of view and micron-level precision compared to the 2.5D image measuring device.
2. Comprehensive and varied measurement functions, as well as customized software solutions.
3. Geometric measurement by rotating the object without clamping and refocusing.
4. User-friendly interface for quick-picking image area and immediate-measuring.
5. Configure a measuring script to quickly and automatically measure the full dimensions.
6. Suitable for use in the shop floor due to its water-proof and oil-proof design.
7. The measurement data bank can be integrated with the client's ERP or MES system.
8. Real-time process control and view X-bar & R-chat to prevent production waste.

FAI; First Article Inspection

A full-dimension inspection often constitutes the first-article inspection. The manufacturing capacity will be impacted by a lengthy inspection if numerous measuring tools are necessary. One machine can now measure multiple sizes automatically and record measurement data thanks to the development of the TIMI series tele-centric image automatic measuring/inspection machine. It can significantly reduce the amount of time needed for the first- article inspection and increase the production machine's utilization rate.

IPQC; In Process Quality Control

Because there are so few measuring tools accessible, it is challenging to inspect several items throughout the process of autonomous inspection. Implementing quality control and thorough process statistical management is therefore not simple. The tele-centric image automatic measuring/inspection tool from the TIMI series can swiftly and automatically measure a range of sizes and record the measurement data. In order to effectively decrease waste and boost yield, it may display the average and full-range control chart in real time.

IQC;Incoming Quality Control

Incoming quality control frequently needs a short amount of time to examine a lot of sampling inspections or comprehensive inspections. Additionally, it is crucial to stop defective parts from entering the production process. A variety of sizes can be automatically and swiftly measured using a TIMI series telecentric image automatic measuring/inspection tool. It eases the load of incoming inspection activities.

FQC; Final Quality Control

The TIMI-series image automatic measuring/inspection equipment can automatically and quickly inspect all the sizes of the sampled finished product There is no need to temporarily dispatch a sizable number of inspection personnel in order to deliver on time, and the product quality is better assured.

Industry 4.0; Intelligent Inspection

Unmanned factories can solve the problem of lack-of-labor. But how to shorten the inspection time to increase productivity becomes an essential issue. The TIMI-series image intelligent measuring/inspection machine has been successfully integrated with the shaft smart manufacturing system in 2021, can connect with various robots. Further, connecting the measuring databank to the client’s ERP/MES system will greatly save the labor input up to 80%.


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