Expert @ Measurement


USDV - Specialization in the R&D of machine vision technology applied for automatic optical inspection (AOI) such as the precision measurement for the shaft , punch and screw.


Innovative Products for Measurement

Over years our team has been engaged in the R&D of machine vision technology for automatic optical inspection (AOI). We has successfully implemented the precision measurement in-process QC for aerospace and vehicle nut company. Then we has launched precise Telecentric Image Measurement instrument for the screw and shaft ,which apply for first-part and in-process QC. Our series measuring machines sold in Taiwan and exported to overseas markets of China, India and Vietnam. They are well recognized by the companies of aerospace, automobile, machinery, bicycle and other metal processing.

2022Established the first all in-line inspection for a turning factory in Taiwan.
2021Pilot intelligent manufacturing of vehicle shaft in Taiwan.
2020.03Product adopted by int’l brand company of bike component and their suppliers.
2019.06China patent is certified (Image Measurement Device and Methodology).
2019.07USDV’s measurement database integration system implemented successfully at Fastener Factory.
2019.03Precision Type Measuring Machine for shafts new released.
2018.09First sale to bike screws factory in Vietnam.
2018.07First sale to car parts factory in India.
2018.04IPQC Measurement Integration System new released.
2018.04Taiwan patent is certified (Image Measurement Device and Methodology).
2017.10Product adopted by Taiwan famous bike components supplier.
2017.05First sale to Vehicle bolts factory in China.
2017.03.Tainan branch office launched.
2016.11Auto type Measuring Machine new released at Taiwan Int’l Fastener Show.
2016.07The manufacture factory established at the Taichung Precision Machinery Park.
2016.04.Tele-centric Measuring Machine for the Screw new released.
2016.03.Universal Standard Vision Technology Corp.(USDV) founded.
2014.12.Solution of IPQC successfully implemented for aerospace component plant (20 sets).
2012.11.1st generation measuring device implemented by aerospace component factory.