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Advisory and Sales Service

USDV - Specialization in the R&D of machine vision technology applied for automatic optical inspection (AOI) such as the precision measurement for the shaft , punch and screw.

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Advisory and Sales Service

The USDV consultant team assists you to solve the problem of measuring and inspection

Whether it’s manual to automatic conversion, newly-founded plants looking for novel solution of precise and fast inspection, USDV can provide various basic, geometric and advanced measurement solutions to supply the needs of the shaft and screw inspection. Through wide experience in professional expertise in measuring and equipment, our team can help you to build a comprehensive customized solution for your company. Based on your actual needs , we will recommend the most suited measuring machines and measuring functions.

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USDV’s measurement specialty is affirmed by customers from industries such as automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, power tools, electronic information, medical devices, aerospace ,and etc. Our measuring technology has the excellent measurement quality and stable product as those of major international measurement companies. We provide the following services so that all customers who come to consult can more smoothly and effectively import TIMI equipment.

We offer

․Customized software design
․Software purchased, free upgrade during the warranty period
․Most reliable manufacturer warranty
․Professional measuring technology support
․Professional maintenance and repair support