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Precision-type Image Automatic Measurement Machine

USDV - Specialization in the R&D of machine vision technology applied for automatic optical inspection (AOI) such as the precision measurement for the shaft , punch and screw.

Precision-type Image Automatic Measurement Machine - The first choice for fast and precise measurement of the shaft.
  • Precision-type Image Automatic Measurement Machine - The first choice for fast and precise measurement of the shaft.
Precision-type Image Automatic Measurement Machine

Precision-type Image Automatic Inspection Machine is suitable for the measurement of CNC turned parts such as automotive transmission shafts that require high-precision measurement.

Precision-type image automatic measuring machine is suitable for the precision measurement of the shafts such as vehicle transmission shafts and cam shafts. With upper and lower center tips on both ends, it will get a more accurate measurement effect. The lower center tip can be replaced with a precision collet.

TIMI-P-series machines are available for the measurement of a 300mm-long part. The measurement over 300mm-long can be customized.


1. Precisely measure the dimensions of machining shafts of CNC machining /cylindrical grinders: transmission shafts/camshafts/various spindles
2. Maximum measuring diameter: 100 mm / 40 mm / 30 mm
3. Maximum measuring length: 300 mm / 600 mm
4. Incoming material inspection/first article inspection/in-process inspection/final inspection

Features and Benefits

1. The upper and lower center-tips hold the shaft, and the measurement of the CNC shaft is more precise.
2. Automatically measure more than 20 physical dimensions of a 300 mm long shaft in 40 seconds.
3. The uncertainty of radial measurement is ±(2+ D / 100) μm, which can be used for tool compensation.
4. Resolve the 1μm Grinding Diameter Difference.
5. The measurement uncertainty of the pitch diameter of the pin gauge is only ±3μm.
6. The measurement uncertainty of the R angle for the CNC machining part is only ± 5μm.
7. Reconstruct the profile digitally and analyze the profile
8. Based on the central axis coordinate, measure the roundness/cylindricity/concentricity/runout/position in a vertical rotation.
9. "Select-Measure" displayed the data instantly. Friendly interface is easy to operate.
10. The measurement data is automatically recorded in the database which is compatible with the E R P / M E S / S PC system.

Product Video

TIMI Optical Measuring Machine for Shafts

Image Measurement Machine Product Specification

* Precision is estimated as ± 2σ by measuring original standard gauge.

Max. Measuring O.D.43mm43mm
Max. Measuring Length35mm35mm
Repeatability Accuracy± 0.5mm± 0.5mm
Precision (± 2σ)± 5mm± 5mm
R-axis Resolution≦ 0.1°Manual
Clamping MethodOne sideOne side
Reference Size715mm (W) x 650mm (D) x 450mm (H)

Applicable Industry

■ Automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, ATV and other vehicles industry
■ Aerospace industry
■ Electrical / electronic industry
■ Information and Communication Industry
■ Electric / air tool industry
■ Medical equipment industry
■ CNC Turned Parts / Grinding Processing Industry


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