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<New Product>High-performance automatic shaft size and thread measurement equipment

USDV - Specialization in the R&D of machine vision technology applied for automatic optical inspection (AOI) such as the precision measurement for the shaft , punch and screw.

A fast, precise and affordable Desktop-type shaft dimension and thread automatic measuring machine
A fast, precise and affordable Desktop-type shaft dimension and thread automatic measuring machine

High-performance automatic shaft size and thread measurement equipment

To address the issues of quality control and manpower shortage~cost-effective automatic measuring of shaft dimensions and threads

21 May, 2021 USDV

Due to the resumption of work in Europe and the United States in the first quarter, shaft and screw manufacturers experienced a surge in orders, with some expanding their factories to increase production capacity. Faced with urgent and high-volume orders from customers, the workload of quality inspection became even heavier. For repetitive and highly technical quality inspection work, the pressure of physical exertion and the need for error-free results were even greater, and a severe labor shortage also needed to be overcome.
To address the issues of fast measurement and labor shortages, USDV has launched a new rapid, high-efficiency, and cost-effective automatic measurement instrument for shaft dimensions and thread measurement for aerospace, automotive, construction, furniture, and other fasteners, as well as high-precision tapping and punching tools that are less than 100mm in length. This easy-to-use and lightweight Desktop-type measurement instrument has full functionality and measurement performance that is comparable to CMM measurement and can replace traditional gauges such as ring gauges, three-wire gauges, calipers, projectors, and 2.5D imaging measurement instruments. The machine is designed to be resistant to oil stains and can be placed on the manufacturing site for autonomous inspection or in procee inspection, meeting the needs of sample and large-scale inspections.
The TIMI series machine can complete automatic measurement of more than 15 dimensions of a screw in an average of 15 seconds. It not only replaces more than 80% of traditional gauges but also features excellent screw thread measurement performance.
1. The fast measurement of mechanical thread screws can automatically measure the outer diameter, inner diameter, pitch diameter, pitch, crest angle, and helix angle of mechanical threads within one second.
2. Automatically rotate and measure the screw thread concentricity within five seconds, making it easier to operate than a probe-type concentricity gauge.
3. The computer automatically searches for the first thread or full thread position and measures the effective thread length. It is more convenient and reliable than using a projector.
4. The machine can be connected to the company's ERP through network to monitor and control quality information in real-time.
The TIMI series machine has the advantages of significantly reducing working hours and labor, optimizing quality control benefit, and visualizing production efficiency. It has been adopted by companies of automotive, motorcycle, and bicycle fasteners, as well as international brand companies and their suppliers in Taiwan.

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