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Auto-Type Image Measuring Machine

USDV - Specialization in the R&D of machine vision technology applied for automatic optical inspection (AOI) such as the precision measurement for the shaft , punch and screw.

Auto-Type Image Measuring Machine - First inspection, IP-QC and final inspection, once in place.
  • Auto-Type Image Measuring Machine - First inspection, IP-QC and final inspection, once in place.
Auto-Type Image Measuring Machine
Auto-Type Image Inspection Machine is suitable for measuring turned parts, screw fasteners, and ground shafts without a center hole. (TIMI 12A,TIMI 30A,TIMI 40A,,TIMI 60A)

The Auto-Type Image Measuring Machine can inspect the shaft dimensions of cold-forged, centerless-ground, or turned parts.

The Auto-type machine has a platform for rotating the workpiece (R-axis) and a linear stage for the lens (Z-axis). Along with outer diameter/width, segment height, arc, and thread measurements, the measuring system also accurately captures geometric tolerances such roundness, cylindricity, deflection, concentricity, run-out, and position.

Both the desktop and the cabinet type of the Auto-type machines are available. It can measure workpieces with a length of up to 300mm. For measured lengths greater than 300mm, customized machine service is available.


1. Precisely measure the dimensions of the fasteners, punch head, CNC turning parts processed by CNC machining /forming machine/threading machine.
2. Maximum measuring diameter: 40 mm / 30 mm / 12 mm
3. Maximum measuring length: 200 mm / 300 mm
4. Incoming material inspection/first article inspection/in-process inspection/final inspection

Features and Benefits

1. Friendly interface is easy to select the image area and immediately to measure.
2. Automatically measure more than 15 dimensions of a long shaft in less than 20 seconds.
3. Measure the mechanical thread's O.D., I.D., P.D., pitch, thread angle, and helix angle under a second.
4. The measuring error range of the pitch diameter is less than ±20µm even if there is still oil on the mechanical thread.
5. Automatically search for the first thread tip, and measure the effective length of thread.
6. Automatically measure the straightness, thread crest, and tail angle of the screw.
7. Automatically measure C and D values of trilobular screw without centering the screw.
8. Reconstruct the axial and radial profile digitally and analyze their sizes.
9. Measure the roundness/cylindricity/concentricity/runout/position just in a vertical rotation without a touch probe.
10. The measuring data is automatically recorded in the databank which can be linked with client's E R P / M E S / S PC system.

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TIMI Optical Measuring Machine

Image Measurement Machine Product Specification

MODEL/TYPETIMI 40A CabinetTIMI 30A 立櫃型TIMI 12A 立櫃型
Measurable Width 40mm 30mm 12mm
Measurable Length 300mm 300mm 300mm
Image Resolution19μm14μm7μm
Repeatability Accuracy± 0.4μm± 0.3μm± 0.2mm
Precision (± 2σ)± 3μm± 2.5μm± 2μm
Rotational Axis Resolution≦ 0.1°≦ 0.1°≦ 0.1°
Lifting Mechanism Resolution10μm10μm10μm
Clamping MethodSingle side Single side Single side
Max. Part Weight8kgs8 kgs8 kgs
Machine Weight250 kgs200 kgs200 kgs
Reference Size885mm (W) 680mm (D) 1835mm (H)860mm (W) 630mm (D) 1825mm (H)860mm (W) 630mm (D) 1825mm (H)
Power SupplySingle-phase 110V, 10A /220V, 10A

* Precision is estimated as ± 2σ by measuring original standard gauge.

* Machine operating temperature: available for 0°~ 45° environment.

Applicable Industry

■ Automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, ATV and other vehicles industry
■ Aerospace industry
■ Electrical / electronic industry
■ Information and Communication Industry
■ Electric / air tool industry
■ Medical equipment industry
■ CNC Turned Parts / Grinding Processing Industry

TIMI Optical Measuring Machine for Screw and Thread Measuring
TIMI Optical Measuring Machine for Screw and Thread Measuring

Integration of the advanced technology of hardware and software, the TIMI system can quickly and accurately measure the physical dimensions of various...


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