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Examples for Shaft Automatic Measurement

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Examples for Shaft Automatic Measurement
  • Examples for Shaft Automatic Measurement
Examples for Shaft Automatic Measurement


1. Hundreds of punch can be inspected in an hour, and the average inspection time for one punch is only about ten seconds.

2. The customer introduced two USDV automatic image measuring instruments, which perform to inspections in mass production. It greatly reduces the cycle time and manpower.

Background of the Application

The customer is a large Indian company that produces high-quality automotive fasteners. They manufacture their own punches. There are about 200 people involved in quality control and inspection in the company. Measuring the profile of the punch has always been a pain point in their measurement process. Since the punch profile is mostly a combination of continuous line segments and arcs, the R measurement of existing 2.5D image measurement instruments can have significant variation due to different sampling ranges and resolutions. This makes it difficult to measure the width and height on the profile, which is very labor and time-consuming.


1. Existing measurement equipment is difficult to operate, time-consuming, and lacks precision.
2. Solve the problem of measurement results varying by person.
3. Hope to significantly reduce the manpower input for quality inspection.
4. Develop a proprietary measurement method based on customer needs.


Punches are precision machining tools. In order to ensure the quality of the finished product, punch dimensions must be rigorously checked. Since the number and frequency of inspections are high, so a precision and automatically measuring instrument is needed to perform the inspection.
The main features of a punch are the axial contour curve of the head and the design of the end surface. But a 2.5D measurement instrument used commonly cannot measure the two-dimensional size of the end surface and the axial size of the punch at the same time. And its biggest difficulty is the measurement of the arc R value, especially when the arc is close to the maximum outer diameter. It will becomes more blurry and the measurement precision will be worse.

Solution and Features

The measurement interface of the TIMI system is easy to learn and use, and provides an image field of view that can cover the entire punch. The clarity is much higher than that of 2.5D image measuring system. The TIMI system can continuously and automatically measure the full size of the punch profile, automatically record it, and the measurement results will not vary by person. The TIMI system has a shortcut measurement function for various arc and straight line combinations, which can measure the R value in seconds. It can also be expanded to output the starting and ending positions of each arc, calculate the height and width of each segment difference. That is suitable for inspecting the profile.

1. Hundreds of punches can be inspected in one hour, and the average inspection time for one punch is only about ten seconds. 2. Two USDV automatic image measurement instruments have been introduced, which can be applied to large-scale production testing. It significantly reduce cycle time and manpower input.

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