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Flash Image Measuring Machine

USDV - Specialization in the R&D of machine vision technology applied for automatic optical inspection (AOI) such as the precision measurement for the shaft , punch and screw.

Flash Image Measuring Machine - Flash telocentric image measuring instrument for small shaft measurement.
  • Flash Image Measuring Machine - Flash telocentric image measuring instrument for small shaft measurement.
Flash Image Measuring Machine

Flash Image Inspection Machine is suitable for measuring shaft, screw and cylindrical parts: outer dia ≦ 40mm, length ≦ 100mm

The flash telecentric image measurer/inspector is a desktop model with a high-end measurement algorithm and a frame-and-measure measurement method to achieve fast measurement.

The flash measuring/inspection instrument is equipped with a workpiece rotation stage, which can be clamped flat or upright unilaterally. It can automatically measure the full length of the workpiece along the axis, including outer diameter, width, segment height, arc, and thread dimensions. It is equipped with an automatic rotation R-axis to measure geometric tolerances such as roundness, cylindricity, concentricity, run-out, and position.

Measuring Functions

■Basic Measurement
arc radius, diameter, length, width, angle, chamfer, non-mechanical thread
■Mechanical Thread (hotkey)
outer diameter, inner diameter, pitch diameter, pitch, thread angle, helix angle
■Advanced Screw Measurement
max./min. O.D. Positioning, auto-detect thread tips, auto-detect 1st thread tip, head sizes, thread sizes, thread position degree
■Geometric Measurement
Position tolerance: concentricity (rod/thread)
Form tolerance: straightness, roundness, cylindricity,
Directional tolerance: parallelism, verticality, slope
■Special Measurement
tool-level mechanical thread, trilobular screw (C,D,E),punch head, axial contour, radial contour, camshaft Size, customized measurement.


1. A quick and accurate measurement device designed for the small shaft and screw with an outer diameter ≦ 40mm and a length≦ 100mm.
2. Equipped with a rotary platform and lifting mechanism, it can edit the script and perform the automatic measurement.
3. Waterproof and oil-proof design. It is suitable for placing manufacturing site. No need to go back and forth to the quality assurance room.
4. Small size, lightweight (about 50 kg), good configuration.
5 User-friendly interface, that is the frame-and-measure software. Select the frame and click the function button measurement. Easy to learn and operate.
6. Multiple measurement functions, comparable to the three-dimensional measuring instrument. Economical, high-cost performance ratio.
7. It can be linked to the user's ERP or SPC system. Browse the simple SPC statistics (including X-bar, R-chat) in real-time.
8. With measurement big data, provides real-time monitoring and analysis of the production process and quality, shortens the response time. Accumulation of waste products will not happen.

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TIMI Optical Measuring Machine for Thread

Image Measurement Machine Product Specification

TypeModelMeasuring Diameter(D)Measuring Length(L)Radial Measurement
Flash (Desktop)TIMI12_10F12mm100mm
* Precision is estimated as ± 2σ by measuring the original standard gauge.     *Applicable temperature and humidity for machine operation: 0°°C~45°C; below 80%

Applicable Industry

■ Automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, ATV and other vehicles industry
■ Aerospace industry
■ Electrical / electronic industry
■ Information and Communication Industry
■ Electric / air tool industry
■ Medical equipment industry
■ CNC Turned Parts / Grinding Processing Industry

TIMI Optical Measuring Machine for Thread Measuring
TIMI Optical Measuring Machine for Thread Measuring

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TIMI Optical Measuring Machine for Thread

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